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Fish Oil Standards

admin / 2011-05-13
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 Fish Oil Standards

There are two major aspects considering the quality of Fish Oil:

1. The content of active ingredients: There are two major components in Omega 3, one is eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) , another is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Generally the ratio of these two components should be close to 2:1.  Nutritional supplements are fish oil preparations, which consist of active ingredients (EPA and DHA), medium (such as vegetable oil, etc.), antioxidants (such as vitamin E, etc.) and capsules. Manufacturers need to pay attention to the manufacture`s creditbility and the authority of the inspection department.

2. The purity of fish oil preparations:  Some fish oil products may contain PCBs -  the polychlorinated biphenyl compounds which can cause multiple organ dysfunction. Dioxin, mercury and other toxic substances also can be found in fish oil. These harmful substances can be removed using advanced technology. Customers should pay attention to avoid eating harmful substances while taking fish oil nutrition supplements.

Fish oil impurities include variability in EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA`s molecules have "double bond" connection between two carbon atoms. This bond is sensitive to destruction by light and heat, and may becomes void component and lost active effects.  As the Omega 3  in the chemical class can easily denatured, some manufacturers may have added vitamins in fish oil E, to prevent the loss of nutrients. Customers should pay attention to the effective date by the time of purchase.

Although recent research shows that the Omega-3 produced in different areas have similar active effect,  fish Oil produced in Canada is always one of the most popular choices for consumers around the world, for its reputation as a world class fishing destination.

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