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Why use health supplements?

Gold Maple / 2011-05-13
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The human body needs more than 40 kinds of nutritional balance activities to maintain normal bodily functions. According to the World Health Organization food pyramid, the recommended daily intake of foods has vegetables, carbohydrates and fruits as the foods we should consume most with red meats with the least consumption. However the modern diet is exactly opposite. Poor diet options leads to nutritional imbalances.

Modern production of food has also contributed to nutritionally starved foods. Mass production, farming and growth with chemicals along have all made even the healthiest foods insufficient to a balanced nutritional health. Furthermore the process of cooking and storing foods can cause the loss of nutrients as well. The typical diet does not meet the nutritional needs of our bodies, thus making supplements an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Historical trends have shown us that modern agriculture has robbed foods of their nutritional value. According to scientific reports, Vitamin C contents in 100 grams of spinach were compared over 50 years. In 1950 100 grams of spinach yielded 150 mg of Vitamin C, 1994 is 13mg, 1999 only 8mg. Similarly research by Germany’s Block Forest Institute in 1998 reports that since 1985, apples have reduced 80% in vitamin C, magnesium content of spinach decreased by 69%, the calcium content of potatoes have decreased by 71% and folic acid and vitamin B6 content in bananas content have decreased by 87% and 93% respectively.
Our own bodies living in our environment have created a perfect situation to be nutritionally starved. Physical and psychological pressure affects the immune system and nervous systems, blocking the absorption of calcium and other nutrients. To best cope with stress the human body needs zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamins. Other nervous system related health issues like insomnia, fatigue, impaired memory all can be slowed and improved through health supplements.
The processes of washing, cutting, cooking all can cause the loss of nutrients; especially water-soluble vitamin can be easily washed.

Poor eating habits easily lead to nutritional imbalances. Smoking, drinking, sleep deprivation will reduce or obstruct absorption of nutrients, leading to malnutrition.
Health supplements can also assist in those whose bodies are not in a normal physical-state. Whether it problem related to digestive, pregnancy, lactation, menopause or other physical conditions, the use of nutritional supplements to aid in the recovery stage.
People in different age and genders have different needs on nutrients. Personalized nutrient supplements plans should be applied to different stages, based on individual needs.
Health supplements extract nutritional essence from natural foods. A vitamin C tablet contains 500 mg of the vitamin, which is equal to the vitamin C content in 1 Kg of oranges. Although nutrients can be acquired through our diet, health supplements offer a easy and quick solution to consumers, especially those in need of an effective and specific nutrient.
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