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Seal Oil

Gold Maple / 2011-05-13
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Seal Oil contains EPA, DHA, DPA and many other active components.

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid): Known as an active compound  to prevent  Hardening of the Arteries (Arteriosclerosis) and the blood clots in heart, treat high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. For coronary artery disease, stroke, cerebrovascular disorders, , palpitations and other cardiovascular diseases, EPA also can help to relieve some of the symptoms.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): commonly known as "Brain Gold". It is the essential material that supports development and function of brain and optic nerve. It can promote mental development, IQ and memory of infant, also  prevent and  provide treatment to Alzheimer's disease.

DPA (22 EPA): Contain mostly in human milk and seal oil. Fish or other food products contain little or no DPA.  This active compound can promote and enhance the body's immune system, treat various diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, colitis.

QUALENE (squalene): Natural antioxidants, have anti-cancer effects, also can be used as beauty supplements, which can keep the skin soft and smooth.

Fat-soluble active substance: improve the body's own immune system and regulate insulin secretion with special effects. It can prevent and treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus. Inhibit the formation of diabetes.

Seal oil is extracted from seals' adipose tissue, contains rich OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid  and nutritional supplements. In addition, seal oil contains a certain amount of squalene and vitamin E.
Third,  both the seal oil and fish oil contain the same supplement of OMEGA-3, so what is the difference between this two?
(1) Natural seal oil contains about 20% to 25% of the OMEGA-3 fatty acids,  which are much higher than fish oil.
(2)Omega-3 in Seal oil: chemically similar to human Omega-3, which is easy with lipase function, can be decomposed into the free state and absorbed by  human`s digestive system. In addition, seal oil also provides a third major component of Omega-3 fatty acids - DPA.
(3) Seal oil contains 5% to 6% of the DPA, while fish oil contains little or none.  DPA is an essential nutrient that supports the physical growth and development of children. The effectiveness of DPA is known as ten times more than DHA.
(4) As unsaturated fatty acids, OMEGA-3 can be easily oxidized into harmful peroxides. Seal oil contains a natural anti-oxidants, which can maintain non-oxidized states at heat cooking conditions above 190 C. Fish oil does not contain anti-oxidants, so it will degenerate even at room temperature.
(5), Seal oil contains 2% to 3% of squalene. This substance has a role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Also, it has activated cell function, which can effectively protect the skin, and can inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol in food, and speed up its metabolism.
(6), Seal oil contains little or no cholesterol, and most fish oil contains a lot of cholesterol.
Seal oil is one of the natural biological products that has high nutritional value on human health. The seal oil extracted from the Canadian Arctic harp seals, has the main ingredient of OMEGA-3 fatty acids(about 20-25%), squalene and vitamin rare E. OMEGA-3's effectiveness has long been acknowledged by the medical profession: purify the blood, balance blood pressure, repair blood vessel, and enhance the role of physical health such as body resistance.
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